• The Superintendents' Solutions Summit was an annual event held for school superintendents around the country, and was the most important event that Cambium Learning Group held each year. The invitations were expected to reflect the importance and value of the summit.

  • For the 2011 invitation, I wanted a look that recalled personal invitations to upscale events, with the seal on the front. I limited the palette to three colors, black, metallic silver, and a varnish layer, in order to allow for a custom die-line and high-end paper within the budget. The invitations were delivered by hand in translucent silver envelopes.

Advertising Design


  • This email was designed to inform Cambium's subscribers about an upcoming webinar about the LANGUAGE! product line. The design directive was to keep it simple enough to load even on the most basic email platforms, while still being attractive and on brand for both the company and the product line. I designed the header, footer, and buttons in Photoshop, and then put together the email as a whole in Dreamweaver.



  • This advertising campaign spanned both print and web ads, running for a season, and intended to inform readers that Sopris Learning provides school programs to address a wide variety of different learning needs. (To see the full cycle of slides for animated ad again, please refresh the page.)



  • Brochures

    Larger-scale sales pieces with multiple pages or panels


  • Advertising

    Direct mail and advertisement pieces, both printed and online

packaging and exhibit

  • Packaging adn Exhibit

    Three-dimensional design in both small and large scale

for fun

  • For Fun

    Projects worked on for personal enjoyment, without any restrictions