• The Scarab Beetle Exhibit Brochure was a design exercise, with the goal of creating a brochure that advertised an insect exhibit with a creative fold that represents the insect. I was also limited to a three-color palette. Because it was an exercise, I created the illustrations and copy writing, as well as designed the layout and overall brochure. (To see the animation of brochure folds again, please refresh the page.)

Brochure Design


  • The Showtime Gatefold Brochure was one of a line of gatefold brochures giving a brief overview of each product line. This one was particularly difficult because the brochure was requested before the Showtime product line was completed, so the only design guideline was to pick up the theatrical theme from the front covers. I built the gatefold with a closed curtain on the initial unfolded panel, then opening to a spotlit stage in the full inner page.



  • The Professional Development brochure was commissioned by the Cambium Learning Solutions branch of Cambium in order to showcase their services. They requested a clean, professional-looking design, and I built it to be complementary with the Cambium corporate brochure, so the two could be bundled effectively. The client also specifically asked for a three-page spread of a map at the end of the brochure that highlighted the use of their services throughout the United States. You can download a pdf of the brochure here.



  • Brochures

    Larger-scale sales pieces with multiple pages or panels


  • Advertising

    Direct mail and advertisement pieces, both printed and online

packaging and exhibit

  • Packaging adn Exhibit

    Three-dimensional design in both small and large scale

for fun

  • For Fun

    Projects worked on for personal enjoyment, without any restrictions