• The Voyager Stadium Display Box was used to hold and display a limited set of books for each product line, both in exhibits and mailed to customers. The design directive was to create an attractive box that would complement a wide variety of products without clashing with their designs, so it required a restrained design and palette.
  • This particular project went through several rounds of designs with the client, so I am also showing some of the variations in design below the finished product.

Packaging and Exhibit Design


  • The Cambium Learning Group department of exhibitions asked me to design a new exhibit site for them to set up at various national conferences in which they display their most expansive product lines. Their request was that the design strongly emphasize the Cambium brand and make a welcoming environment for customers to browse.
  • Because the Cambium Learning Group logo included a tree, I designed the space like a forest, with the necessary poles being trunks and the crossbars being leafy boughs. Matching signage was designed to label areas as specific to different product lines.



  • Brochures

    Larger-scale sales pieces with multiple pages or panels


  • Advertising

    Direct mail and advertisement pieces, both printed and online

packaging and exhibit

  • Packaging adn Exhibit

    Three-dimensional design in both small and large scale

for fun

  • For Fun

    Projects worked on for personal enjoyment, without any restrictions